Bathroom Remodels

Thinking of adding a bathroom to better accomodate your household needs? Or to renovate a current one for a more soothing, spa-like experience? If you're wanting to update the look and feel of your bathroom, our team at Prestige Kitchen and Bath will work with you to create the look you've always wanted.  Our talented bathroom design team will work with you to design, plan and create your new bathroom.


Beautiful Bathroom Designs...

A photo gallery of some of our past kitchen remodeling designs & inspirations

Contemporary Bathroom

Large Dual Shower

Double Vanity BAthroom Remodel

Traditional Bathroom Remodel

Large Modern FreeStanding Tub

Marble Shower


Whether You Have A Large Spacious Floor Plan With Or A Enclosed Space, Prestige Kitchen And Bath Carries A Wide Range Of Bathtubs To Meet Your Style. Step Into A Whirlpool Tub, Soak Into Your Free-Standing Tub, Or Relax In A Tub With An Clean Natural Surround. Whatever Your Choice, Prestige Kitchen And Bath Makes It Pure Bliss.

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Shower Remodels

No Longer A Space-Saving Choice, Showers Can Be Just As Luxurious An Experience As The Tub. With Gorgeous Ceramic, Glass Or Stone Surfaces, Flush Entry Points, Open Concept And Fabulous Fixtures, The Shower Can Be The Bathroom Showpiece

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Custom Vanities & More

Wherever You’d Like To Make A Change, We Can Help You Make The Most Of Your Home. We'll Have Your Bath Or Kitchen Remodeling Project Done On Time & On Budget, Making The Whole Process An Enjoyable One!

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Bathroom Design Surfaces

With many choices for your bathroom remodeling surfaces make the most of Prestige kitchen & Bath's stunning possibilities.  Below are just a few of the many options for your look and complete bathroom design ideas.
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Glass Design

Smooth and gleaming, glass is always appealing.  Allow Prestige Kitchen and Bath to customize your bathroom design with the finest looks in glass and shower design.  Our custom inspiring shower doors and countertops transform any bathroom to gorgeous!

marble & More

Are you in love with the largest growing trend in bathroom remodeling...marble?  Allow our bathroom remodeling designers to create the bathroom of your dreams using custom elements of natural stone such as marble, slate and quartz. 

Bathroom Tile

Whether a geometric pattern or a beautiful custom design like above, your bathroom remodeling design specialist brings elegance to tile.  With custom elements and beautiful mimilamstic add-ons Prestige Kitchen and Bath can create the look you dream of! 

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