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Lindsay Dingmann discovered her love for art and design at a very young age. She has always been fascinated by architecture and began drawing her first elevation sketches at the young age of 12. Her love for painting and the arts began shortly after she started college, and has fueled her passion for design. She has her degree in Interior Design, along with years of experience in the industry. Inspired by the beauty around us, she pulls her inspiration from the natural elements. Lindsay believes that design always starts with an inspiration piece. An old family heirloom, a beautiful work of art, or even a favorite vacation spot can spark the direction of any design. While Lindsay is passionate about helping clients discover their own personal style and bringing that to life, her taste is a blend of artisan-traditional with minimalist contemporary. The mixing of the two contrasting styles gives her designs an element of surprise, bringing life and personality to any space. When she is not designing, Lindsay enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, Alex, their daughter, Louisa, and their dog, Finnley. They reside in the Elgin area with occasional trips to Minnesota to see family and friends. She is passionate about people, and truly thrives on meeting the needs of others, making each space unique and beautiful for the individuals who call it home.

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